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You have to be able to hold a room, know where the next bid is coming from and how to count forward and backward on the odd, quarter, half and three-quarter, in your sleep.  (I practice my numbers every time I take a flight of stairs. Going up, I count my evens. Going down I count backwards on my odds.)

You have to be able to read energy. You have to know how to play with the tone of your voice on the mike to grab, suspend, lift and inspire your audience. You have to know when hold them, when to fold them, when to walk away, and when to run. (Cheers Kenny)

You have to remember to breathe during your bid calls. (You learn to breathe through your nose like a trumpet player does.) You have to learn how to control your diaphragm for oxygen efficiency.

It’s all in the moment stuff. Practice is never perfect and learning is never complete. You have to trust your intuition, set clear goals and improvise like you meant to do that.  Comedy is a lifesaver. There is something pretty vital abouTIMING. (Yes, I meant to do that.)

You must know how to ignite a dead room and transform it into a feeding frenzy, within 15 seconds, or you die.  You have to know when to ‘zip it’ to close that a whale of a sale and when to whiplash the audience with silence, holding that uncomfortable space until the attendees are pleading to be released.  To BID!

You must talk with great urgency and with sincere passion. You have got to LOVE what you do. It’s got to feel like PLAY.

Most importantly, you must Own. Your. Gavel. No wimpy whacking. You must walk, talk and crack it with confidence.

Image: http://wallpaper-s.org/21__Golden_Gavel_-_Justice_Done.htm

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